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How to protect our hair for the coming fall and winter

Summer is gone! Fall is here and winter is coming soon.  During summer time, we tend to doing more out door activities, therefore, our hair explored to strong sunlight more than in other seasons.  The strong sunlight tend to lighten our hair color, that meant our hair loss more pigment during summer!  For better hair care, a hair glaze treatment especially with slightly color gloss is necessary.  Doing so not only it will even out our hair color, it also will protect our hair and reduce further damage from the coming dry Fall and Winter. 

When fall and winter comes, they bring us dry wins and weaker sunlight especially in the east coast area.  Weaker or less sunlight may cause our body suffering lower vitamin D then may cause our hair fall more and weaker.  Wind carries oxygen that oxide our hair, and dry win and heat that dry and evaporate our hair moisture. In winter time, Our new growth hair roots normally appear much darker, but our hair shaft are lighter, especially much lighter in the hair ends! Do you know why, because our hair shaft 4-5" from the roots are older hair, and the hair end are the oldest hair, the older the hair, the drier.  In Summer, our hair experienced much sunlight; during Fall and Winter, dry wind cold air and in door heat all are the factors drys out our hair, cause the hair cuticles open, the more hair cuticles opened, the more hair pigment and moisture loss, therefore the hair turned try.  When the hair end become over dry, it split. Remember, good hair conditioner only help to repair cuticles not split hair ends.  there's no hair treatment  or hair products can close up the split hair end, the only way to remove the split end is to cut them off.  

As mentioned above, we first need to watch our body vitamin D level, take necessary vitamin if needed. Plus a proper hair care is necessary.  During fall and winter, for people have very fine hair or dry scalp, do not wash hair everyday, maintain natural scalp oil is necessary otherwise, the scalp may turned too dry that lead to itch, may cause dry dandruff, and the hair may fly away.  If the hair is too dry or loss much pigment, a gloss with pigment treatment is necessary and it is better than mere hair conditioner treatment. To spray liquid live on hair conditioner is a very good way to maintain healthy hair from dry indoor heat.


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