hair replacement we do hair extension for thinning hair, we use high graded human hair extension

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Hair Extension

Hair extension can extend short hair, for adding fullness to long thin hair or choppy hair end.  We supply high quality human hair from  10" - 24" with multi color.  Our quality and prices are competitive and reasonable!

Call us at 1-929-322-4889, or email us any time to schedule a free consultation.  We open 7 days/wk with flexible schedule.  We do freelance site visit service too!

25" hair extension with multi-color added to thin long hair to give fullness and dimensional color look

26" hair extension added on 3"- 4" short hair

20" hair extension added on 15" hair to blend the choppy hair end to bring healthy and bounce long hair


18" hair extension added to 14" long thin hair for bringing bounce and lifeness


Hair Extension Q & A:

Why hair extension? 

  • Long hair styling is a trend now!
  • Long hair extension makes your hair thicker and  bouncy that make you look good and fell great!
  • You have a choice to add multi color hair extension to create 3 or multi-dimensional look, yet it save you more $ on highlight/lowlight or changing colors, keep your hair healthy and less exposure to color chemical process.
  • Hair extension is excellent to blend with overly curly or frizzy hair, after blending your hair would look shinier and easy to manage.
  • Hair extension gives you a choice to extend your hair length so you have more choice for long hair styling.

Who are the candidates for hair extension? 

  • If you have short hair (more than 2"), you want to grow your hair longer; or
  • if your hair is choppy; or
  • if you have thin hair and you want your hair to have a thicker look; or
  • if your hair is frizzy or you want to relax your curls without doing chemical relaxer, or
  • if you wear a hair piece or a wig and you want the hair longer or thicker, or
  • if you want fashionable long and thick hair, or
  • if you want highlight without chemical process on your own hair, or
  • if you want to put on different colors than your existing hair color to create 2 to 3 dimensional color
  •  If you say Yes to any of the above, then hair extension could be a good choice for you!


We supply you the most beautiful human hair extension from 10" up to 26" length

We have high grade of Remy hair with multi color choices from black to lightest blond.  We supply hair extension that is compatible to your existing hair texture and color; a cut-in hair extension will  follow up to blend with your hair and create a beautiful style for you.  Most importantly, our price is reasonable and competitive.  Please contact us at 1-929-322-4889 or email us.

Call us: 1-929-322-4889 Brooklyn, NY 11223; We Open 7 days/wk, 8am-6pm