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Master Hair Replacement Service For Men and Women

Hello, welcome to the hair replacement field! 

If you are looking for a hair loss cure for men or women, this is a right place for you to stay!

Ronnie hair studio is specialized in hair replacement in Brooklyn NY area. We offer private room for the customers. Our expertise include 

  • hair replacement for men
  • hair replacement for women
  • hair extensions for long hair styling
  • custom design hair pieces for men
  • custom design hair pieces for women. 
  • custom wigs for women 
  • cutting hair pieces that customers purchase from other shops
  • hair cutting, coloring, highlight, relaxer

We supply to our customers hair pieces. Our hair are made from good quality of real human hair include Remay hair and virgin hair that come from many healthy hair donors.

You may think that the hair replacement costs or prices are high! 

In many hair replacement salon, YES!

in our studio, NOT REALLY!  Our hair replacement cost are vary but very reasonable depend on your needs.  hair replacement cost are competitive and reasonable!  Importantly, you don’t need to sign a program with us – it means, we don’t lock you up!  If you need more information,

contact us at 929-322-4889. Or click send mail to us 


It is one of a way for hair loss cure.  Hair replacement or hair restoration involves in two divisions: a surgical hair transplant, and a non-surgical hair restoration or HAIR REPLACEMENT. 

What’s the difference between the two?  A hair transplant is a surgical procedure perform by a medical doctor, while a non-surgical hair replacement is a hair addition service done by a hair dresser who is specially trained in hair replacement. 

What about the hair replacement cost?

Hair transplant is costly because that involve in a medical procedure, while hair replacement is less costly, and Ronnie Hair Studio can help you to save a lots of money. Many salon need you to sign a hair replacement program so you may be lock up for a period of time no matter if you like the service or not. We don't.  

You may wonder that how you could get a good quality hair replacement service.

A professional good quality non-surgical hair replacement service should be don by a master hair dresser who is not only specialize in hair addition techniques, also has good knowledge and excellent practical experiences in both of  the hair replacement and traditional hairdressing fields. 

A good hair replacement service is not mean a fancy place, but it rely on a well trained and experienced hair stylist + good quality hair supplies.

Why you should come to our place?

Ronnie is a master hair replacement specialist who has been practicing and serving men and women customers for over 27 years in NYC.  Ronnie is well trained in both of the Jingle International for advanced hair dressing, and in the Hair Academy for men and women hair replacement. 

There are many salon require you to sign a program with them.  You may be locked up regardless if you like the service or not.  

In Ronnie hair studio, we don't lock you up because we have confidence with our products and services.  You have an option to only buy a hair,  only coming for a service, or both. Or you can purchase a hair piece from other place, and you coming only to do a hair piece cut-in. 

We open 7 days/week with flexible schedule.  We are reliable!

How our hair replacement works?

In our studio, we analyst your hair loss condition to see if you are qualify for hair replacement.  If yes, we analyst your hair texture, color, and style your desired, we custom design a hair piece based on your hair own or selected hair texture, hair color.  We then to secure the hair pieces to your existing hair or head to simulate your individual hair by using different hair attachment techniques, such as medical bonding, or non-bonding techniques.  As a result, your hair will look naturally fuller, thicker bounce and healthier, healthy fuller hair is key to enhance your individual beauty.  Moreover, you can swim, exercise, perform daily activities as usual.  

Is hair replacement for you?

Non surgical hair replacement works or suitable to men and women who are suffering from thinning hair without medical cure, Alopecia, hair regrow failed after having a surgical hair transplant, and various reason that cause temporary or permanent hair loss. 

Our Feature Services:

  • Hair replacement for men
  • Hair replacement for women
  • Long hair extension
  • Custom hair pieces design for men and women
  • Custom wig for women
  • Scalp treatment (non-medical)
  • Hair pieces cut-in 
  • Hair color and cut 

No service program needed.  For a fee consultation call 929-322-4889.

Hair Loss Solutions for Men and Women

Hair replacement in Brooklyn NYC >

No program neededs

Losing hair? We can help! Our replacement services are designed for customers who loss hair such as natural thinning, Alopecia, bald, and hair loss from medical reasons.  We do customer hair system design that matches your hair texture, color and length, by using verity 
materials and real human hair with our exclusive hair replacement techniques, we make the hair pieces blend in your existing hair to give you the most natural look and the best glamorous look. 

Why hair replacement? What is the benefit?

A good image is matter. A person with fuller hair is actually make him/her look 10 year younger. A fuller hair give people's a healthy and younger look that brings energy and positive.  By having our dedicated hair replacement service, your hair will look full and healthy, and you can do exercise, swim, wash and blow dry or styling, and many things that you would with your own hair. 

What's the main differences between hair transplant and hair replacement?

Hair transplant is surgical service that take your hair follicles out from your scalp high hair density area (usually in the back of your head),  then transplant it to another location where your hair density is thin.  The doctors try hard to fill your scalp thinning hair area. However,  depend on the supply of your existing thick hair density, plus your budget.  Either conditions are not met, it may not make your hair look full.  Therefore, hair transplants are more like even out your hair density - the thin hair area becomes slightly fuller by reducing the heavy density area (the back of your head);  the total strands of your hair may not change, or transplanted area may grow a little bit more hair or less hair (if the follicles die). Hair transplant can not guarantee your hair regrow, nor can stop your hair loss.

In contrast, hair replacement is non-surgical service that using special hair addition techniques to give you fuller hair. Hair replacement involved using a custom hair piece with different kind of hair replacement techniques to blend in and secure the hair pieces with your own hair, therefore, the total of hair strands your have is guarantee will be more or fuller. In addition, hair replacement give customers various options to chose your hair color, texture, density, and lengths. 

hair growth is a sophisticated issue that associated with many factors such as the nutrition level of the nerve system, healthy blood circulation, balance diet, weather and air environment,... etc.  Therefore, both of hair transplant and hair replacement won't guarantee human hair regrowth, nor would guarantee to stop the human hair falling. 

Moreover, a hair transplant is performed by a specialist doctor, but a hair replacement service is perform by a hair replacement specialist or a hairdresser who is trained specializing in hair replacement.  

Hair transplant is more expensive while hair replacement is affordable to most customers.  

As you can see, hair replacement works.  It guarantee to give you fuller hair with affordable prices. 

Still have questions? Contact us at 929-322-4889 for a free consultation. We guarantee our services.


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Gorgeous Hair Extension Glamorous Look

Hair Extension Glamorous Look>

No program neededs

From Hollywood to TV women hosts, celebrities are increasing favor of wearing long hair extensions. A bouncing, healthy, and dimensional long hair makes the trend for long hair extension fashion today!

Here are the reasons people want hair extensions:

  • longer length,
  • short choppy hair,
  • hair length broke by verity reasons
  • frizzy hair, 
  • addition hair volume on the hair length,
  • additional color (either dark of light) on the hair for more extra dimension
  • to slightly change to texture look                          

 Properly choose hair color, texture, place and cut-in hair extension will make your hair look thicker and healthy, brings bounce and glamorous look! Hair extension is a good choice for customers who have unhealthy choppy thin hair or frizzy hair, or customers who like to extend their hair lengths.  You have many choice to wear hair extension, such as ...  

We supply beautiful real human hair extension from 10" up to 26" length.  

We hair extension are made from high grade of Remy hair with multi color choices from black to lightest blond, and various fashion color are available.  Our price is reasonable and competitive.  Please contact us at 1-929-322-4889 or email us.

Hair Replacement for Men

Men's Hair Pieces with Free Selections... No Programs Needed 

Don't let some high price hair replacement program to lock you up. No more paying for high cost hair replacement programs.  

We have high grade men's hair pieces,  toupee, or men hair system whatever you called. We have fine French lace, super fine skin, welded mono, super fine mono,  or lace/mono with skin combine, and many more. We also do custom design if needed.

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Hair Pieces and Wigs for Women

Real Human Hair,No Synthetic Hair!

No Programs Needed

Compare to men's hair, women's hair pieces are more sophisticated. A high quality hair must choose the right texture, right color, with the right cut-in and the right hair replacement techniques.

We are expert in custom hair piece design and replacement for men and women. We design custom hair systems for every individual woman customer.  Our customers have options to choose various high graded virgin or remy hair with various color, texture, lengths, and densities.  

Our hair pieces and wigs are made from virgin hair with European, Brazilian, Spanish, African, Asian hair texture and the hand works are done with very fine quality, Our hair pieces are very reasonable and no hair replacement service programs needed. We help you to save money!

Hair Care

Protect Your Hair During Fall and Winter

Summer is gone! Fall is here and winter is coming soon.  During summer time, we tend to doing more out door activities, therefore, our hair explored to strong sunlight more than in other seasons.  The strong sunlight tend to lighten our hair color, that meant our hair loss more pigment during summer!  For better hair care, a hair glaze treatment especially with slightly color gloss is necessary.  Doing so not only it will even out our hair color, it also will protect our hair and reduce further damage from the coming dry Fall and Winter. ......

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Hair Replacement in Brooklyn NYC

Our studio is located in Brooklyn city of NYC, in the neighborhood of Gravesend / Bensonhurst that surrounding by Bay Ridge, Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, Dyker Heights, 15 minutes away (by car) from East Flatbush, Sunset Park,  Forth Hamiton, Bay Ridge, marine Park, Mill Basin, Flatbush and East Flatbush.  Minutes away from 82 Bus and N train Kings Highway station,  10 minutes from F train Station.  If you are coming from Manhattan, Queens, the Browns, to take or transfer to N train or F train would be the best choice to the studio. 

We don't take walk in.  Please call at (929) 322-4889 for an appointment and we will inform you for the address and the way travel to our studio.